Why Korean Skin Care?

When people talk about Korean skin care one of the first thing people tend to think of is all of those clickbait titles about “insane 10-step beauty regimens” that Koreans put themselves through. It’s a tiring comparison, but it’s also one of the pluses behind the concepts behind K-beauty; you can customize your experience with K-beauty in any way that you want! The encouragement placed on using multiple steps to target separate issues and the availability of products that allow one to do so, is what made me so interested in Korean skincare.

I haven’t alienated western brand either, there’s good stuff on both sides of the world (just as there is also bad stuff). Just because a product is Korean doesn’t mean that it’s inherently better. If you want to create your own customization routine, you have to learn a little bit about your skin first to see what it needs. After you learn about your skin’s needs, you need to learn what ingredients best help your specific needs so that you can pick out proper products. I like to think of it like the gym for your face, skincare heavy lifting.



Koreans are big into their skin care, so much so that it’s almost seen as a cultural aspect. The demanding market keeps companies on their toes, constantly seeking new and and innovative ways to please their consumers. With such fierce competition in such a hungry market, there are all products available at all price points. You don’t need tons of extra money in order to have an entire routine full of serums and creams. K-Beauty’s versatility and increasing ease of access only added fuel to face obsessed fire.

I’ve found some wonderful online stores that have made it easy for me to shop and get Korean skin care products without crazy international shipping prices. Memebox was my original portal into the K-beauty world (which is currently going through some pretty big changes), and thanks to the wonderful people at the r/AsianBeauty subreddit I was introduced to WishTrend, SokoGlam and Jolse. The tricky part is that pricing can differ from site to site, so be sure to shop around. Another route that I’ve started using is Amazon. While there are some concerns of authenticity, Amazon allows you to check sell reputation – plus Amazon prime is an a foolproof way to purchase without worry of fakes.

Also gaining interest in Kbeauty on her own, my step-sister has become my partner in crime and we are each other’s skin care enablers. We text non-stop about products we love, compile list of products we want and have had plenty of spa-nights where we sheet mask and shop.

This brings us to today. While relaxing in a sheet mask, I thought to myself “I am having lots of fun with this. I’ve never enjoyed skincare as much as I am now and I’m learning so much. I should share my experience!”

Especially as a guy, there’s this weird taboo about “caring too much” in the Western culture. It’s not manly, or something. Even the packaging of products for men is funny because it’s always darker and tries hard to BE FOR MEM!!!! Skin doesn’t have a gender, but it does have specific needs that vary from person to person. Stop listening to marketing gimmicks and listen to what your skin is saying it needs.

I hope you enjoy my blogging and reviews as much as I enjoy researching and discovering new products!


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– GenieGene