Quick Reviews

I like to keep a spreadsheet of the products I try, especially sheet mask, so I can be quickly reminded what I did or didn’t like about a product. Sometimes I can’t always remember every detail of that one serum I tried a few months ago, only to give it another whirl and remember what a disaster it was for my skin. Sheet mask in particular, because there are just SO MANY, really benefit from having this kind of chart.

How do you expect me to keep track of all these!

My rating are out of 10, because I feel like rating out of a 5 point system is harsh and I need more wiggle room. Here’s my key:

  • 1  Should be taken off the market
  • 2 Does more harm than good to the face
  • 3 No noticeable benefits
  • 4 Bad product
  • 5 Meh. Indifferent, not suited for me or would probably work better on someone else
  • 6 Effects are minor and not worth the money
  • 7 Average by all means of the word
  • 8 Good Product, impressed and could rebuy
  • 9 Greatly impressed, would buy again

And now you are ready for my quick review spreadsheets!