2016 in Review, My Asian Beauty Journey so Far!

Another year casted off to the sound of people cheering and champagne bottles popping to fill the cringing silence of Mariah Carey’s NYE performance that will surely be 2016’s final meme. While I’ve been taking care of my skin for quite some time, 2016 saw a vast difference in how I treated my skin – it marks my plunge into Asian beauty. I’ll be reflecting on this years lessons and products that stood out to me

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Racial Identity and Growing up Piece, Featured on The Very Good Light

Hi guys! I wrote a piece about how I struggled a little with embracing my racial identity in a heavily westernized environment, and how through the help of Asian beauty I was able to embrace and be proud of my unique background. The piece is featured on The Very Good Light, a site that David Yi recently launched, that aims at men physical and mental grooming. So if you could hop on over to their side of the internet and check out my piece, I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks!


– Eugene

Trying Out Bonvivant’s $1 Sheet Masks

Sheet mask are typically known as the gateway drug into Asian beauty. They’re easy to use and provide funny, if not disturbing, selfies to litter Instagram feeds with. Serial killer selfies aside, because of my constant use of sheet masks I am always on the lookout for cheap yet effect masks to keep my skin plump. I gave Bonvivant’s Botanical Mask Packs a try to see if these $1 mask make the cut for my constant masking habbits Continue reading

Spa Night! Self Care and Skin Care Night

The past few days have a been a little more stressful than usual. A combination of finals for school, taking on a lot of projects for work, and the United States electing Donald Trump as our next president all left me a little more tightly wound than usual. To help myself unwind I’ve been taking my “spa days” rather seriously, as a nice self care step. I will be damned if we elect a racist, homophobic, misogynistic president AND I’m left with bad skin. Here’s a rundown of my spa day, which focuses not only on my face but also my body.

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Five of My Current Skin Care Faves

There are a lot of products that I like, but very few that I actually love. Some people adorn the products they love with the title of “Holy Grail”, but I have commitment issues and don’t want to say these products are the end all be all. Instead, I’ll just say “I really like you at the moment!”

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Ingredients That I Like! And Some I Don’t…

One thing that I’ve become somewhat obsessed with during my skin care journey is the ingredient list. Not only did I want to know what my skin care is made of, but what are the ingredients doing? What I call “skin care heavy lifting” is all the extra effort put forth to understand what’s going on with my face and why. What does your skin react badly to? What does it react well to? What is your skin saying that it needs when you look in the mirror? What does this ingredient promise vs what it realistically does? Continue reading