Retinol. The Good. The Bad. The Over Exfoliated.

Retinol is a popular skin care ingredient touted as an all-in-one-face-fixer-upper to treat acne, sun damage, wrinkles, and uneven skin texture. As with any list of benefits, there are side effects in the form of dryness and irritation. Planning and moderate usage can result in great benefits from this does-it-all ingredient, however overuse can lead to the dread state of over exfoliation. Continue reading


Beauty Reads and Lazy Skin Care Days

These past few weeks have kept me so busy that I’ve been neglecting my skin care. My last semester of school is in full swing (yay!), work has been demanding, and I’ve been cleaning up my portfolio to start applying for big boy jobs. Now if only I would clean my face…. Continue reading

My Favorite Products for Reparing Damaged Hair. Bumble and Bumble, Caviar, Kerastase.

You can style it, color it, and cut it. As versatile as hair is at expressing our personality, it’s not all fun and games. A lot of the cool things we can do to our hair can really wear it down. I went silver last year and this year I’m purple, all that lifting left my hair dry and brittle. What can you do to help nurture and protect your hair? Say hello to your friends: protein and oils! Continue reading

Snailtastic Review: CosRx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence!

The one thing that some people like to point out about Asian beauty is the “weird” factor. Snail mucin is an Asian beauty ingredient that has drawn attention for being “icky” and “weird.” Don’t quite understand the turnoff considering people eat snails and mollusk all the time, but to each their own! I quite enjoy the effects that snail mucin has on my face, with its promise of softer, more hydrated skin, while promoting healing. What better way to test out the benefits of snail than picking the snail essence that the internet has been raving about nonstop?

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Where I Find Asian Beauty Products

When my friends express interest in Asian beauty they usually don’t know where to start. Asian beauty products used to be difficult to find, typically involving the use of Google translate and dealing with the dreaded wait time of international shipping. Not anymore! Asian beauty products are way more accessible, thanks to being carried in more physical shops and the availability of online retailers marketing towards western markets.

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Just A Little Update

Time flies when you’re stressed out! While I’ve managed to stay consistent with my skin care routine these past weeks, writing and posting have fallen to the wayside. Things have calmed down some so I figured I’d make an update post about what’s been going on with my skin care journey lately. So let’s begin!

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I Just Don’t Buy It! Gimmicks and Advice I Won’t Waste My Time On.

The internet is home to an endless supply of skin care advice and tricks. Youtube beauty gurus bestow us with endless knowledge that can be…. Gimmicky as hell. Between weird skin care advice dished out by people with genetically perfect skin and companies that release “skintertainment” that rides the line between fun and gimmicky, there’s a lot of things out there that just don’t make sense… I just don’t buy it! Continue reading

This Month’s New Buys! Anti-Aging from The Ordinary and CeraVe Cream

I haven’t added anything new to my skin care routine lately, only picking up an item or two as replacements whenever I run out. I’ve been pretty satisfied with the results from my routine lately, but I had a little extra money this month and I decided to buy a few new things. I grabbed a few things from The Ordinary to help with anti-aging, and another tub of CeraVe cream to help keep my skin moisturized since I picked up swimming again. This post is only about three items, but I get into detail about why I picked up these items and my first impressions.

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