Snailtastic Review: CosRx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence!

One of the first things that some people like to point out about Asian beauty is the “weird” factor. Snail mucin is an Asian beauty ingredient that has drawn attention for being “icky” and “weird.” Don’t quite understand the turnoff considering people eat snails and mollusk all the time, but to each their own! I quite enjoy the effects that snail mucin has on my face, with its promise of softer, more hydrated skin, while promoting healing. What better way to test out the benefits of snail than picking the snail essence that the internet has been raving about nonstop?

(I did another one of those podcast type things where I talked about my post, so if you don’t want to read you can listen here. I figured out the recording software a little better this time!)

CosRX is a popular brand among the internet and their snail essence has become a staple for many Asian beauty lovers. My poor face is so dry and constantly being battered by prolonged exposure to chlorinated pool water, so words like “supple” and “moisture” get my skin very excited. I wanted this product to help me understand the hype around snail, and I was not disappointed. What I got was skin that felt softer, looked smoother and recovered from breakouts fast.

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What it’s supposed to do: provide hydration, revitalize skin, fight acne scars, aid in skin recovery.

Skin types that would benefit: all skin types, acne prone skin, seems rather safe for sensitive skin

CosDNA Ingredient Profile

How to use: Apply to face after cleansing steps and before moisturizing. Although the name has “essence” in it, I consider it more a serum (the technicality in the naming doesn’t really mean much in this instance, just put it on your face)



Meet Mr. RX


One of the things I love about this brand is the size of products and affordability. While CosRX is a midrange line that is priced a little higher than most drugstore products, this 100ml bottle typically runs for around $18~ and it will last you a whileeeeeee. CosRX isn’t going to win the cutest packaging award (although they do have a rather enduring mascot, Mr RX) but it’s simplistic and I can appreciate the hygienic pump action bottle.

I’ve been using this product for a solid two years and I have only worked my way through two and a half bottles. This is in part to the spreadable texture that allows me to use only one pump to cover my face. CosRX boasts that their essence contains 96% snail secretion filtrate, which no doubt contributes to the jelly like and tacky texture.

Looking at the ingredient list, this serum clearly has one job – to be the snailest thing sitting on your counter. It’s not loaded with all sorts of different ingredients to be flashy, which I appreciate. No crazy promises, just snail.


So What Did My Face think?

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This product makes me happy because of its simplicity and no crazy promises. It makes my skin feel super soft, baby bum soft. I also found it to be useful on my elbows, which get easily irritated from abrasion. Using this on my elbows calms the bumps down and clears up rough, patchy skin.

I try my best to keep my skin hydrated since my skin can get rather imbalanced. This essence is on the more hydrating side without a heavy feeling. The skin softening abilities of this product are what get me the most. After consistent use for a month, my skin was noticeably more bouncy and felt softer to the touch. I also noticed that the big red spots I give myself from picking at acne heal faster when I use this. When I end up causing damage to my face from picking at it (some habits die hard) it’d usually take 2-3 weeks for my face to heal. Using this daily has caused that time to be halved. Of course, the lesson here would be to avoid the situation entirely and just stop picking at my face. Oh well!

When I first started using this product I was using too much on my face, which made it sit without really absorbing and felt tacky. Turns out two pumps is way too much and now that I’m using only one pump it sinks down in a matter of seconds.

Some people claim that snail helps to greatly reduce their wrinkles, using it as an anti-wrinkle treatment. I’m not saying that it won’t help fight wrinkles, but if you don’t normally moisturize then you will see a reduction of wrinkles as this product helps to moisturize and plump the skin.


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“You CAN sit with us”

Overall, this is a great all around product. It moisturizes, helps give me a dewy look, and speeds up the recovery of active acne. Boom. Those are my three big concerns right there. Will it make wrinkles disappear? I don’t think any more than normal moisturizing would (you’d have to hit the actives for some serious anti-aging benefits.) Will it brighten your complexion? Mostly not, but it’ll help you achieve the dewy look. Is it still a staple in my arsenal and did I freak out when I left this at my mom’s house? Absolutely.

Rating: 4.5/5

  • Great at providing an extra bit of moisture while being light weight
  • Chasing the dew? This will help you get there
  • Skin feels so soffttttt

Where to find: Amazon, Sokoglam, Jolse, Urban Outfitters, Ulta, Wishtrend


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