Five Days of Sheet Masks, Birthday Edition! Tosowoong, Ettang, Blossom Jeju, and Bonvivant Sheet Masks

I’m already a rather well moisturized individual, but for my birthday I wanted to make sure that my skin was in tip-top shape. Just because I’m a year older doesn’t mean I have to look it. Call it a sheet mask marathon or call it a skincare pregame, I was determined to be the glowiest and dewiest me possible for my special day.

I started sheetmasking five days before my birthday, giving me enough time to work out any problems that my skin may try to throw at me. There is nothing worse than having a date or special event, only for a pimple to appear the day before. Since my weeks are pretty scheduled out, I picked masks according to what I was doing that day and what my skin would need.

New things! I had the idea of making audio versions of my post for those who prefer more podcast-like material, which I’m calling “too long but I’ll listen.” Bear with me as I try to figure out how to work my software and as I try to get comfortable speaking in front of a mic (I talk wayyyyy too fast.)


Day 1: Tosowoong Pure Green Tea Mask

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Why I chose this mask: Calming, balancing, light weight, good all around mask for skin trouble days. (CosDNA ingredient profile)

Tosowoong masks are among my favorite because they are affordable, provide great results, and don’t contain alcohol (which is common in cheaper sheet masks.) I picked the green tea mask because it helps to balance my face, evening out oil product while calming down inflammation and redness. Box of 10 for $16.50 on Amazon

Day 2: Bonvivant Botanic Mask Pack, Adenosine + Acai


Why I chose this mask: Creamy essence that nourishes skins, good after prolonged sun exposure. (CosDNA ingredient profile)

On day two I knew I was going to be out in the sun for a large portion of the day, so I picked out a soothing sheet mask to calm my stressed skin. The essence in this mask is milky, which feels amazing on sunburned skin that needs a little relaxing. It does take some time for the essence to sink in after removing the mask, but after patting down and waiting a few minutes my skin feels soft and fresh. Box of 10 for $10 on Amazon

Day 3: Blossom Jeju Red Camellia Nourishing Soy Essence Petal Mask

Why I chose this mask: Deeply hydrating, nourishing, feels luxurious (CosDNA ingredient profile)


This two step mask is a treat for when my skin is suffering from dryness. I chose this mask because I knew that my face would end up being dry from swim practice due to prolonged exposure to heavily chlorinated water. Step one is a packet of camellia oil that is followed by step two, the sheet mask. The camellia oil is “pushed” into my face with the sheet mask, nurturing my compromised face back to life. The end result is dewy skin that is soft, nourished, and shows no sign of its previous thirst. Found at Urban Outfitters (online and in store) and at Glow Recipe for $6.

Day 4: Ettang Peeling Soothing Mask

Why I choose this mask: Exfoliating, nourishing, deeply hydrates with creamy essence (CosDNA ingredient profile)

Another two-step mask, I use the Ettang Peeling Soothing Mask when I feel like my skin needs extra attention. The first step is a peeling gel, a gel that balls up around face oils which are then used to gently buff and exfoliate the skin. After washing off the peeling gel, step two is a heavy cotton mask soaked in a milky essence. This mask is not for the light of heart/face. It’s on the heavier side and I’ll usually follow up with moisturizer and call it a night. The combination of removing dead skin and nourishing the newly exposed skin leaves me looking refreshed the morning after. Memebox used to sell this mask when it was a retailer, but now it’s really hard to find 😐

Day 5: Tosowoong Deep Sea Mask

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Why I choose this mask: Weightless hydration, reduces redness, leaves face RADIANT (CosDNA ingredient profile)

Day five is actually the morning of my birthday, so the goal of this sheet mask is to energize my face and give me that extra “glow” factor. Perfect for the hot Georgia months, the deep sea mask is hydrating without any heaviness. This mask leaves my face plump, BRIGHT, and helps to reduce any redness that I might have. Absolutely my favorite mask to use before an event or night out. Box of 10 for $15.45

Honorable mentions:

While not sheet masks, these masks helped me along during my masking marathon.

Petitfree Black Pearl and Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch

Why I use this: To help depuff my eyes to make me look more awake (CosDNA ingredient profile)

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetThese hydrogel eye masks help to depuff and hydrate the under eye areas. My under eyes don’t have too many problems yet, my wrinkles and dark circles are mostly under control… for now. However, my face is extremely puffy in the mornings and my eyes take forever to stop looking like a swollen mess. Thanks to the cold gel texture of these, I can speed up the de-puffing process so that I don’t look sleepy. I’ll generally slather my face with essence from a sheet mask on my face, put on these eye patches and then place the sheet mask over everything. It’s like mask-ception.  Find them here for $10

Goodal Washup Deep Clean Poor Glacial Clay Wash-Off Pack

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Why I use this: When my skin is feeling clogged, oily, and bogged down (CosDNA Ingredient Profile)

While I love the ever popular Innisfreee clay mask, I feel like this mask provides an extra punch when it comes to skin conditioning. This clay mask dries a little on the fast side, but it leaves my skin feeling soft and bright thanks to various oils that help to condition the skin while the clay absorbs excess sebum. The only thing I don’t like about this mask is that it has little bits of grit, which I’m assuming are meant for exfoliation, so I try not to drag the clay on my skin with too much pressure. Available on Amazon, SokoGlam, or at Ulta for $25.

Oil + Moisturizer Combination

Why I do this: To be able to use my oils during the summer without them feeling too heavy.

It’s a dangerous game for me to use face oils during the summer. I’ll typically use less product in the summer because my face just doesn’t need as much help, but I still love and crave the benefits that my oils give my face. To get my oil fix I put a drop or two in my night time creams so that I can still get to use my beloved rosehip oil without feeling like I’m overwhelming my face.

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