Just A Little Update

Time flies when you’re stressed out! While I’ve managed to stay consistent with my skin care routine these past weeks, writing and posting have fallen to the wayside. Things have calmed down some so I figured I’d make an update post about what’s been going on with my skin care journey lately. So let’s begin!

Thanks to a bit of carelessness I ended up exfoliating my face, I wasn’t very careful with introducing retinol into my skin care routine. I’ve been in recovery mode lately, so no new products and have been nourishing my poor face.  My already dry skin became even more dry, flaky, and there were a few sections of my skin that were “burned.” I had a patch in between my eyebrows and another around my smile line that would not stop shedding skin and were visibly irritated. IT. WAS. A. MESS. It’s taken a little over a month for my skin to get back to normal. I’m currently working on a post to detail how I slowly nurtured my skin back to a healthy state.

While my face was peeling off, I’ve stocked up on some skin care that I’m excited to try once my face is back to 100%! I have some Korean beauty inspired western products, including a few sheet mask and a Sephora sleeping mask. I’ll see how they stack up to their korean counterparts and if they’re worth their lofty price. Asian beauty has become a lot more accessible lately and I’m glad that I’m seeing it offered at Target, Ulta and Sephora. Amazon has also become a treasure trove of Asian beauty, which I’m a fan of because a lot of it is prime eligible 😀 I’ll be making a post about where I find my Asian beauty products and which ones I prefer/why I prefer them.

I’ve been giving my body some love and have been extending my skin care to my entire body in hope to become a glowing statue. I bought a huge bottle of rosehip oil that I need to use up so I’ve been adding it to my creams to help moisturize my body. To help with body acne and ingrown hairs I’ve been using a BHA to clear up my skin and even out it’s appearance. It’s really been giving my skin a nice ~glow~ while also helping to combat dryness from my habit of showering twice a day because of the gym and swimming.

Anyways! That’s about all I’ve been up to recently for skin care, it’s been a pretty boring few weeks. Keep an eye out for my next post, which I promise will be out sooner than later.


– Genie


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