I Just Don’t Buy It! Gimmicks and Advice I Won’t Waste My Time On.

The internet is home to an endless supply of skin care advice and tricks. Youtube beauty gurus bestow us with endless knowledge that can be…. Gimmicky as hell. Between weird skin care advice dished out by people with genetically perfect skin and companies that release “skintertainment” that rides the line between fun and gimmicky, there’s a lot of things out there that just don’t make sense… I just don’t buy it!

1 ) Skin Care Featuring Precious Minerals

glitter rocks

That’ll be $50

Some claim that different crystals can provide beneficial effects to the body. Whether that effect is from the crystals themselves or a placebo effect, that’s up to you. Rocks don’t seem like a great skin care ingredient, especially when purple rock in my lotion make the price 4x higher. None of these minerals have been proven to provide skin care benefits, regardless of delivery method. At this point you’re just rubbing glorified sand on your face.

2) If It’s Burning It’s Working!

No! Burning is a sign of something going wrong and is the first step of an inflammatory response! Burning skin means you either have an open wound on your face or that your skin’s natural barrier is compromised and you’re BURNING it! Be nicer to your skin, you masochist. It’ll be much nicer to you in return.

3) “Waterless” skin care

I don’t know why this became a thing, but I’ve seen some companies brag about their skincare having no water. The obvious question becomes “well, what did you use for your solvent?” Cause there is no way I’m putting straight tea tree oil on my face. I’ve seen some companies get around this claim by using “aloe vera juice/water”, or “tea tree water” which is just water that have been steeped some leaves.

4) “All Natural” Skin Care with “No Chemicals”


dicarbon hydroxide

I get annoyed with the “natural” vs “chemicals” argument because natural chemicals occur. A lot. That’s how we have water and oxygen. Also, natural skin care companies are SELLING YOU A PRODUCT WITH MARKETING. Why people think that an organic or a “no chemicals” claim on a label means the company is revolutionary and incapable of using alternative facts is beyond me. Remember mineral sunscreens? The ones that are based with zinc and titanium oxide? Years ago these were considered “dangerous” and “possibly toxic.” Now they’re being advertised as “pure,” “natural,” and “mineral based.” Marketing, meet trends.

5) Splash Masks

The concept of splash masks became popularized by Blithe, one of the Korean skin care brands that Sephora picked up. The name of this product speakers for itself, these masks are mixed with some water and are splashed on your face to give “the effects of a mask” without the wait time. Skin care, but you wash it off instantly? Eh.


Exactly how I want to start my morning, by making a mes

I’ve noticed a lot of Korean beauty gurus on Youtube have talked about Blithe’s splash mask at one point or another, gushing about it being “their favorite.” Personally, if a product was one of my favorites I would probably mention it in more than one or two videos before never mentioning/featuring it ever again.

7) Repackaged, Over Hyped, Yet Still Simple (Like My Ex After a Haircut)

hqdefault (1)


8) Sheet Mask Perform Face Miracles

Sheet mask are not miracle workers, but they are moisture savoirs. A well moisturized face helps to plumping out fine lines and to make your skin look all around healthier. I view sheet mask as another method of delivery for product and I use them in conjunction with my routine, especially in the winter when my skin is at its driest. When I see people who complain about sheet mask “only” hydrating their skin, I get annoyed because THAT’S WHAT THEY DO. Hydration is life. Drink your water. Sheet your mask.

9) Pat Pat Pat, Its Helps Absorption


There is claim that patting helps to “push” the skin care into your face. Have you tried slapping water into a wall? Unless your hands are molecular accelerators, they do not “push” molecules any deeper. Stop hitting yourself. The only way I can see this making sense is because your product covered hands are constantly reapplying a super thin layer that has not transferred completely.

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2 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Buy It! Gimmicks and Advice I Won’t Waste My Time On.

  1. choronghi says:

    Omg I hate it when youtubers slap themselves when they’re “patting” they’re clearly using too much force. A similar pet peeve of mine is when youtubers put too much pressure on their face ( they squish their skin so much and they state I know it looks I’m using pressure but I’m being gentle and I’m thinking but you are using too much force since you’re squishing your face) while using oil cleanser or a foaming cleanser. I agree with the Japanese philosophy of being gentle on your skin as much as possible


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