This Month’s New Buys! Anti-Aging from The Ordinary and CeraVe Cream

I haven’t added anything new to my skin care routine lately, only picking up an item or two as replacements whenever I run out. I’ve been pretty satisfied with the results from my routine lately, but I had a little extra money this month and I decided to buy a few new things. I grabbed a few things from The Ordinary to help with anti-aging, and another tub of CeraVe cream to help keep my skin moisturized since I picked up swimming again. This post is only about three items, but I get into detail about why I picked up these items and my first impressions.

Full disclosure, I bought all of these products with my own money for my own interest. There are no affiliate links associated with this post and I am not being compensated in any way for writing this.

CeraVe Renewing SA Cream

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She’s basic, but she can sit with us

CeraVe is a drugstore brand that has the basics and is no frills, and their containers are HUGE (16oz for $20 is hard to beat.) I already have their Moisturizing Cream so I figured I’d pick up their Renewing SA (salicylic acid) Cream which is made for very dry and rough skin. My skin isn’t usually too dry, but thanks to picking swimming back up, all of my skin needs a little extra help after spending 30 minutes to an hour in a chlorine saturated pool every day.

What makes this cream different from its Moisturizing Cream counterpart is the inclusion of niacinamide, to help promote a healthy skin barrier, and salicylic acid to help smoothen skin texture. It also includes mineral oil, which is a cheap moisturize that helps to prevent water loss. What you get is a heavy cream that is full ingredients to promote moisture retention, alongside ceramides and lipids that create a barrier to seal in that moisture.

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It’s very crisco-like

The first thing I noticed was that this cream is a lot more of a… solid. It almost has the consistency of lard. The Moisturizing Cream is thick and viscous, but it still feels like a cream. This one has the texture of cold lard… Maybe crisco? Despite the texture, the cream spreads easily on the skin, kind of like substitute butter.

It’s definitely heavily moisturizing, almost a little too much for my face. Definitely only using this as a night cream, and since the container is so big I’ve been using it on my body because the rest of my skin is dry thanks to the pool. It’s been keeping dry patches on my body tamed and I feel really soft, so that’s a definite plus. It’s still a little every for my body, so I use it at night so I won’t have to deal with feeling it on myself during the day,.

The Ordinary, from Deciem

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The Ordinary is a line from Deciem that touts itself as a no frills line that uses scientifically proven ingredients and formulas without the crazy upcharges. They have retinol, niacinamide, and vitamin c for under $20 each. Sure, the bottles are on the small side and the products won’t give you a skin care hard-on or packaging boner, but you are getting what works. I think this line is great for people who want to explore getting serious about expanding their skincare arsenal, but also want an inexpensive purchase to test the waters.

When I was shopping for new items, I had two goals: to get a refill of my niacinamide serum (which I will talk about in a future post), and to get some preventative/anti-aging skincare. When I think of preventative care I think of taking steps to keep my skin in tip-top shape by preventing the onset of wrinkles or sagging. The logic behind this is if I prevent these issues now, I won’t have to fight them as hard later. That’s why I decided on purchasing their Retinol 1% emulsion and “Buffet” peptide serum.

Retinol 1% Emulsion

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The 1% retinol runs for just under $7 for 30ml. It comes in a sealed toothpaste-esque bottle that keeps the ingredients away from air and light exposure, which can destabilize retinol. The product itself has a very silicone feel (which makes sense, the retinol is suspended in silicone) and spreads on the skin rather easily with minimal grit that I could massage into the skin. As far as order goes, I like to wash my face, use a hydrating toner, -then- use the retinol. I’ll let it sit on my face for about 15 minutes before I move onto my next step, the same wait time I use with all of my actives.

I chose retinol because it helps to increase cell turnover, which provides younger looking skin. It’s also helpful for breaking up hyperpigmentation, inhibiting the breakdown of collagen, and was originally used as an acne fighting ingredient. It can cause sensitivity for people who have never used retinol before, but skin will usually acclimate after a few weeks.

I’m excited to try out this product, but I also have to remind myself that retinol takes about 5-6 weeks to show initial results. Even further down the road, full results take about 4-6 months to show. After a few applications, I can see some of the telltale signs of retinol dryness. My skin is drier in the morning than usual and has some flakes, but I’ll patiently wait to see if my skin acclimates to retinol usage and how well my routine can keep me hydrated in the meantime.

“Buffet” Peptide Serum

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The Buffet serum is one of the more expensive items from the line, but at around $15 for 30ml, it’s still quite affordable. It has no smell, and spreads super easily. What I’ve liked so far about all of the serums from The Ordinary is that a little bit spreads over the entire face easily. I typically only use half a dropper for my whole face.

Peptides are another ingredient that helps to fight the signs of aging by promoting the production of collagen(1, 2). Collagen determines the elasticity of our skin, and the more we have the better our skin snaps back against wrinkles. As stated on The Ordinary’s website, their serum contains the following amino acids and peptides:

This formula combines a comprehensive array of studied technologies to target multiple signs of ageing at once. The technologies are Matrixyl 3,000 peptide complex (with palmitoyl-pentapeptide 35), Matrixyl Synthe’6 peptide complex (with palmitoyl tripeptide-38), Syn-Ake peptide complex (with dipeptide diaminobutyroyl benzylamide diacetate), Relistase peptide complex (with acetylarginyltryptophyl diphenylglycine), Argirelox peptide complex (with acetyl hexapeptide-8, pentapeptide-18), Probiotic complex (with lactococcus lactis lysate), in a base of 11 skin-friendly amino acids and multiple hyaluronic acid complexes. The total concentration of these technologies in the formula by weight is 25.1%.

Funny enough, the website continues on to make fun of luxury products “offering combinations of these technologies as a “buffet”, distastefully comparing such products to buffets that offer various kinds of food in one sitting.” Hence, where you get this serum’s name.


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Slightly thicker than water

I couldn’t find much information on how much time I should expect for results, but as with any anti-aging skin treatment, I’m going to set expectations for a full cell turnover cycle ( which is about a month.) The fine lines around my eyes will probably see the most use from this serum, but of course I’ll be using it all over my face.

I don’t have any complaints, but I also haven’t had much time with this serum. It’s only been a few days between using it and writing this post, so I’ll most likely be providing updates further down the road. For now, it hasn’t broken me out and there has been no negative reaction.

Preventative care is definitely a long haul road where results won’t appear until years later, when photoaging sets in. It’s much like constant use of sunscreen (which is one of your most important preventative steps!!!), where you only notice the difference when you’re 40 and you compare your skin to a friend who never used sunscreen. Maybe I’ll check back in a few weeks to see how well my skin is taking to retinol, and hope that my battle with dry skin from the pool doesn’t turn me into a pile of dust.

For now, I’ll see what results I’ll get after a month or two of using these products! I’m excited to see how these products pan out, especially because they’re super budget friendly!

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