Updated Skin Care Routine! Skin Care in a Trump Presidency

I’m sure many of you are aware of the fact that the United States elected Donald Trump as president, and what a hot mess that has turned out to be. The past week has been stressful, which means my skincare has been working overtime to make sure that the stress doesn’t manifest on my face. Join me as I share an update of my skin care routine, along with products that I use to make sure that my protest face is looking it’s best.

To be honest, Donald isn’t the only thing stressing me out. School started, and I decided to take five classes while working full time. Gotta get that degree. So between learning French so I can score an out of country visa, and hearing about the most recent executive order from good ole Daniel Turnip, I’ve had my hands full.

A.M. Routine!

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During the mornings I like to keep my routine quick and simple. I’ve never been a morning person, and it’s becoming harder and harder to get out of bed. I spend most of my time scrolling through news and my timeline as I wait for my green tea to cool down, waiting to see what alternative fact Sean Spricer came up with overnight.

1) Since my skin is super dry right now, thanks to the winter season, I just rinse my face with lukewarm water to clean off any dead skin cells and dirt that gathered over night. I begin with a toner that is moisturizing, so that it helps prep my skin for my morning routine.

2) In the mornings I want hydration and a little something to keep my skin smooth and soothed after shaving. I use my trusty CosRX 96 Snail Mucin Power Essence, as it provides lightweight hydration while also helping to smooth and soften my skin. Love this stuff and it’s worth every second of the hype.

3) Next, I use antioxidant serum. I’m currently working my way through the Ariul Berry Vital Defense Serum as my daytime antioxidant serum. Since I live in the city, the chance of antioxidants runs higher and this serum helps to protect my face from free radical damage of collagen cells, which can cause photoaging. The serum itself is a liquid gel texture, which means it spreads easily and is incredibly light weight.

While a great step to help protect from free radicals, this serum also comes in a huge container made out of sturdy plastic that can be used to beat down right-radicals who speak of racial genocide.

4) Moisturizing is two step for me during the day. I use a super lightweight lotion all over my face, followed by a heavy cream for the dry regions of my face that need a little bit of extra loving. Years of swimming has left me with a rather dry face outside of my t-zone.

While all skin does matter, not all skin is the same. Some skin gets by with the bare minimum amount of effort, while other skin needs a lot of help because it’s been beat up and put through harsh conditions that it’s still recovering from.

I like to use CeraVe cream for the dry spots for my skin because it has ceramides and hyaluronic acid to really help pack hydration. It’s a thick cream, but it dries down surprisingly well.

5) Sunscreen is always a thing. Protection is essential as it allows your skin to flourish under the constant oppression of UV radiation. I use a zinc based sunscreen that goes on like a primer, helping to blur pores while not leaving a white cast that attempts to erase my color to make me more relatable and non-threatening.

P.M. Routine

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My nighttime routine is a little more heavy handed during the winter, which helps to make sure that I wake up the next day with plump skin. It’s hard for my skin to look its best when I wake up with dry flakey skin.

1) I start out with a double cleanse. I use my oil cleanser to break up my sunscreen and a foam cleanser to remove all the debris left over that my oil cleanser lifted from my skin. Botanic Farm Sherbet Oil Cleanser is still my favorite. It’s mess free, no smell, and emulsifies cleanly. CosRX Low pH Foam cleanser for my second step because it’s a cleanser and you should never buy a cleanser that promises to build a wall against you and your skin, cause it will.

3) Next is a hydrating toner to moisturize my skin before I apply an acid exfoliant. I use the same toner all the time. Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin is viscous, hydrating, dries down easily, and helps to control oil production.

4) My acid exfoliant of choice is still Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% Liquid BHA. It helps to clear up and prevent breakouts while also brightening my overall complexion. While I didn’t mind CosRX’s BHA serum, it didn’t feel as particularly effective to me.

Regardless of which BHA I use, I allow it to sit on my skin for 15-20 minutes so that it can do its work without other products getting in the way of this pH dependant active.

During wait this time, I like to fight off neo-nazi’s who have found their way into my twitter mentions by posting facts in response to their infowar links.

I also like to keep up with the most recent Trump news, such as him banning people based off of where they are from, with the exception of middle eastern country that he does business with. Or the fact that two hours after Sally Yates told the Department of Justice to not defend his unconstitutional ban on Muslims, he replaced her with a yes man. Sometimes I wish my Beta Hydroxy Acid was stronger, so that the stinging would distract me from what’s going on.

5, 6, 7) After my time is up, I slap on more snail, my trusty Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle Ampoule, and my Red Serum. The Red Serum is another antioxidant serum that packs some serious brightening power. Since we don’t know who, or when the first nuclear bomb will be launched, I like to sleep with an antioxidant serum that will help to negate the photoaging effects that nuclear fallout may have on my skin.

For my night time moisturizing step, I  have another two step process.

8) The first step to deep hydration before I go to sleep is my sheet mask. After I apply my serums, I use a sheet mask to help push everything into my face. I usually keep mine on for about 30 minutes, right before they start getting dry and possibly irritating to the face due to abrasion.

Sheet mask are great because they allow you to multitask as you are doing your skin care. My favorite sheet mask are Tosowoong’s sheet mask, which you can find on amazon. They have great ingredients, with the inclusion of niacinamide and the exclusion of alcohol, and leave my skin looking smooth and bright. The mask themselves are very thick cotton sheets, but not uncomfortable. During this time I like to pretend what I imagine white privilege feels like, and say things like “well, maybe we should wait and just see what happens” and “it’s not all that bad! Stop paying attention the the news,” or even “WHY DO I CARE SO MUCH ABOUT THE DEGRADING POLITICAL CLIMATE OF OUR COUNTRY?! LOL I’LL JUST MOVE TO CANADA!”

9) After those thoughts come creeping in, I remove my sheet mask and pat in the remaining essence. I follow up with an eye cream before I apply a heavy face cream. This is my favorite step because I can close my eyes to what’s happening around me as I pat my eye cream in very gently with my ring ring finger. Never drag your eye creams, just slap them into your eyes.

10) The second step is using a heavy cream with a few drops of oil in it. I’ve recently been loving a cheap rosehip oil I got off amazon, which I’ve been using for my face and body. A few drops helps to turn my creams into super heavy moisturizers that really help my flakey spots from looking severe in the morning.

I’m stressed. You’re probably stressed. News reports are saying that the next executive orders to possible come out of the white house are going to be an attempt to roll back LGBT protection. With the appointment of Jeff Seasons (a man too racist even by Alabama’s standards) fighting alongside Mike Pence to stop any and all dick sucking, it don’t doubt it’ll happen. With news like that, I wouldn’t be surprised if I start picking up a sheet mask in the morning and using it to help hide my frown lines.

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