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Hi people! This blog has been a fun way to document my skin care journey and also help keep my writing muscles going. I know I haven’t been updating all that frequently lately, which I can attribute to half being busy and half being lazy. However, over the last few post, I’ve been asked to start creating email notifications, and I have!

I’m not a huge fan of flooding my personal social media with my blog, because I know there is a large portion of my friends who just don’t care for the subject. There is now a campaign function on my blog that will send you an update everytime I post something new, along with informing you on what new stuff I have in the works!



It’s a pretty simple setup, all you have to do is provide your email address and whatever you preferred name is. Could be your name, nickname, or screen name – all up to you. You’ll be asked to verify your email address to prevent accidental emails being sent to the wrong person, and there ya go!

The list of emails are used purely for the blog, are not accessed or sold by anyone, and will only be used as a default pool to send the updates too. As always, there is the option to unsubscribe at any time either through the emails or by personal request.


on the home page^

You can sign up for updates on the homepage of my blog under the “about me” section. T
The link to sign up will direct you to the email/preferred name signup page. I will also be including a link for sign up at the bottom of every future blog post, for those who decided they like the material and actually make it to the end 😀

Here is a sample of the first (test) email I sent out! Please ignore the spelling and grammar mistakes… I like the idea of personalizing each email blast, since they’re so short, instead of one of those super automated “NEW POST TITLE ON BLOG NAME” email notifications.


Thanks for reading! I’ve really enjoyed sharing with you guys!


Liked what you read? Sign up for e-mail updates here


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