Trying Out Bonvivant’s $1 Sheet Masks

Sheet mask are typically known as the gateway drug into Asian beauty. They’re easy to use and provide funny, if not disturbing, selfies to litter Instagram feeds with. Serial killer selfies aside, because of my constant use of sheet masks I am always on the lookout for cheap yet effect masks to keep my skin plump. I gave Bonvivant’s Botanical Mask Packs a try to see if these $1 mask make the cut for my constant masking habbits

***There are no affiliate links in this post. I also did not receive any of these as press samples and am not being payed for my opinion. I just bought a shit ton of sheet mask***

Bonvivant is Memebox’s inhouse brand, and they released a tier of basic sheet mask for $1 each. I nabbed their $15 variety set (which seems to be sold out at the moment) of 15 mask to try out the entire range of mask. When it comes to someone who regularly sheet masks it can be hard to keep a sheet mask stash, and my wallet, full.

The selection of masks include

  • Niacinamide + lime
  • Madecassoside + mugwort
  • Sodium hyaluronate +lotus
  • Adenosine + acai berry
  • Chamomile + tea tree
  • Collagen + olive

These mask feature two key ingredients that work in tandem to tackle basic skin concerns. The cotton mask are a little thinner than average, so they tend to cling well to the face, although sometimes the fit can be a little off (which is different for every person.) They are just a tiny bit not wide enough for my face and the eyes are too close. But that’s a personal problem.

img_3528Sodium hyaluronate + lotus
What these ingredients do: Both of these ingredients are hydration power houses, with sodium hyaluronate helping to hydrate the skin and lotus helping with moisture retention while also providing free radical fighting antioxidants.

This mask is a watery essence that drips everywhereeeeee. I love lotus in skincare because it offers antioxidants and hydration that is lightweight, which gives a nice 1-2 punch when paired with sodium hyaluronate. This mask leaves my skin hydrated without feeling like I’ve added any extra weight to it, so I’m sure people with combination skin would like this one.

img_3526Niacinamide + Lime
What these ingredients do: These ingredients focus on brightening the complexion, giving a little revitalization to dull skin while also fighting hyper pigmentation

While great in theory, I was not a huge fan of this mask. Lime can be irritating to sensitive skin types and that was in the back of my head as I was wearing this mask. A few hours later after using this mask, I always notice that my skin is dry and tight. For sensitive skin types I would not suggest this mask. It also didn’t give much of a brightening effect, if any at all, which is disappointing.

img_3529Madecassoside + Mugwort
What these ingredients do: A skin soothing and tightening combination to firm the skin while also calming stressed or irritated skin.

This mask was great. While I’m not so sure about the tightening and firming aspect of the mask, it did leave my skin looking incredibly calm and effortlessly radiant as if I slept for 10 hours. This will probably be my go to hangover mask.

img_3527Chamomile + Tea Tree
What these ingredients do: A soothing and clarifying combination that uses AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) to help smoothen skin while also reducing inflammation, making it great for fighting acne on troubled skin.

This mask was a little different as far as fit and texture goes. It seems that each mask type from this line has a slightly different fit or the material varies a little. Nothing huge. Moving on, this mask smelled citric. Which I realized was because of all of the citrus extracts in the ingredient list. After using this mask my skin was a little brighter and over all my complex seemed more refreshed, so I can’t hate on it.

img_3530Adenosine + acai berry
What these ingredients do: Antioxidants and revitalization combination of ingredients help to ward off damage from free radicals that can lead to premature aging while also bringing radiance to dull skin.

This mask has to be my favorite because of its creamy essence. The texture of the essence makes the mask feel so soft on the face, if not a little slimy, and it stays wet for a long time. This mask is a little heavier, so it might move around some. Mine stayed put for the most part, but I did lay down just in case after it shifted some. After removing, my skin felt saturated and relaxed. This mask is perfect for when you spent a lot of time in the sun and your skin is feeling a little distressed.

img_3531Collagen + olive
What these ingredients do: Another 1-2 hydration combination, with collagen being a great hydration ingredient when used topically and olive providing nutrients to the skin.

This mask has a creamy essence too! I don’t know why I enjoy when a sheet mask has a creamy essence so much, maybe it’s my dry skin rejoicing. This mask smelled a little soapy, so that kind of weird. My skin felt so softttt after this mask. The hydration was a bit heavier than the rest of the mask, which made my dry winter skin very happy. Oilier skin types will probably want to stay away from this one.

All and all, these mask aren’t bad, especially for $1. In the future, I’ll be ordering more of the adenosine+acaiberry, mugwort+madecassoside , and collagen+olive mask. They really helped to nourished my skin and give it a good hydration boost. They won’t do much for brightening, but they’ll keep flaky skin away during the colder seasons. The lime mask… I’ll be staying away from because my skin always felt a little worse off a few hours after using it.


Bonus samples! This bundle also came with two deluxe samples of Bonvivant’s clay mask. I feel like most clay mask are created equal, so I’ll just give my quick opinion on them.

img_3304The blue cap contains the mint tea tree clay mask, a runny green clay that is suppose to help brighten the skin. It’s incredibly thin and liquid like, making it a little messy. There seems to be some grit in the clay, making it give a physical exfoliation effect. Personally, the pieces are too big for me and can easily irritate or scratch the  skin. It brightened my skin some, but that’s pretty much expected of most clay mask.

img_3303The red one is their Hawaiian pink calamine clay mask, which is supposed to be hydrating. A little bit of an oxymoron, a clay mask that hydrates, but sure! This mask has a funny fluffy texture that’s super soft and feels like marshmallow fluff. It spreads well, but has a kind of funky smell. I guess it smells like fresh… clay. Either way, nothing really stand out about this. Just another clay mask.

Honestly, they both work just fine as clay mask. They dry out pretty fast though, so I only had them on for maybe 3 minutes at most. Both cleaned up my skin and soaked up excess sebum. Nothing groundbreaking, just good ole clay.


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