Five of My Current Skin Care Faves

There are a lot of products that I like, but very few that I actually love. Some people adorn the products they love with the title of “Holy Grail”, but I have commitment issues and don’t want to say these products are the end all be all. Instead, I’ll just say “I really like you at the moment!”

Here’s a list of five skin care products -not necessarily listed in order of most favorite- that I really enjoy using!

1) CosRX – Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

img_2429This product is a super snaily essence, containing 96% snail mucin filtrate (I talk about the benefits of snail mucin in my post about ingredients I like). You get a generous sized pump bottle that last for a pretty long time. One pump is enough to cover my entire face thanks to the slippery texture of the essence. Using this leaves me face plump, gives it a kick of weightless moisture, and helps to calm down irritation. It also makes my face super soft and helped to smooth texture over time. I like to use this on my elbows when they get dry and irritate because it calms my angry skin down.

2) L’Herboflore Sheet Mask

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My step sister bought me a variety pack of these sheet mask, and I love them. They’re a Taiwanese brand, which are known for producing very thin sheet mask that hug the contours of your face nicely. These mask are large and proportioned well to fit the face. Each one I used has left my face deeply moisturized and looking radiant. The only complaint I have is that since the material is so thin, it’s easy for it to clump up with itself as your trying to put it on your face.

3) Fresh – Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

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I usually don’t put a ton of money towards creams because my philosophy is that cleansers and creams are basic tools in skincare and vary little in benefit and formulation. I put my money and attention into my serums and essences, because those contain all of my powerhouse ingredients that deliver the change that I want for my skin.

THAT BEING SAID, this cream is wonderful. It smells kind of like cucumbers, which I find refreshing, and has such a silky texture. It’s thick, but spreads easily and provides a ton of moisture thanks to its abundance of fatty alcohols and hyaluronic acid. The best part is that it doesn’t overwhelm my oily forehead or t zone. I always wake up with soft, still hydrated, bouncy skin the morning after I use this. When I feel like treating myself, or when my skin needs a little extra hydration, I reach for this cream.

4) Innisfree – Perfect UV Protection Cream, Triple Care SPF 50


New-left. Old-right

This sunscreen is actually the reformulated (read updated) version of my old favorite, Innisfree’s Eco Safety Perfect Sunblock. This sunscreen is a purely physical based sunscreen, in comparison to the old formulation that was a combination of physical and chemical sunscreens. I loved the original formulation because it had the perfect texture that spreads easily, didn’t leave a white cast, and gave a primer finish that smoothed out my skin.

The new version does not disappoint. I was concerned that the new version might have a heavy white cast, and while there tends to be some white streaking, it blended in easily and don’t leave a cast as long as I don’t over apply. The sunscreen itself is slightly tinted, which I think helps with it blending into my skin tone. Once applied, this sits nicely on the skin, doesn’t get oily, and gives me a lovely photo finish primer effect.

5) Facetuneimg_2437

I love this app and I am not ashamed! While I am against retouching to the point where it looks like you smeared Vaseline on your camera lens, I’m not against some spot touch ups. Lets face it, our cameras are pretty high res and most of our selfies are taken with the lens not even a foot away from out face. It’s going to show some nasty stuff that you didn’t know was there. My personal tip? Ditch the smooth tool and use the clone tool to spot fix areas. It takes more time and effort, but looks much more clean and natural.

Oh, you don’t want to use Facetune? Selfie Purist? Too much Pride? Fine fine, then my favorite product for breakouts is:

5 pt. 2) Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid

Thiimg_2430s is a chemical exfoliate that uses salicylic acid to clean pores. This stuff is wonderful because of its ability to get into the pore lining and get rid of anything that could cause an acne flair up. While it does help active acne some, it’s great as a pimple preventative. Less blemishes mean skin looks smooth and more consistent, which is A+ for selfies.

The cons about using a chemical exfoliant is that they can irritate sensitive skin and induce a purge stage. If you want to start using a chemical exfoliant, introduce it slowly and maybe only use it once or twice a week (I use mine about 3-4 times a week) until you get a feel for it. Over Exfoliating with a chemical exfoliant is never fun.


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