Hauls! Pros, Cons, and Being a Responsible Consumer

Shopping for skincare is super exciting, all the pretty bottles promising perfect skin can really get a boy excited for his next selfie! Especially when you’re first starting out, it’s easy to haul a ton of items to try all at once; but that might not be the best idea. In this post I’ll be talking about hauls, how I pick items for a haul, and how to haul responsibly.

I’m going to start this off by saying I don’t really haul very often anymore. Now that I’ve found what works for me, I just make small purchases or just reorder what I’ve ran out of. For this, Amazon Prime and Jolse are great because you can make small purchases and not have to worry about shipping prices.

What is a haul? When you buy products! What people define as a haul, whether it be by how many products or how much money spend, vary. What’s universally agreed on is the excitement of new things.

Hauls come with their own pros and cons. On the pro side, you get to order everything at once so that it arrives around the same time and you don’t have to worry about tracking multiple packages. It also feels like Christmas when you’re opening that box. Everytime.

On the con side, it can lead to you buying things you don’t need because you are whipped into a shopping frenzy and end up spending wayyyy too much. I like to wait for big sales so that when I do end up placing a big order, they’re a little more financially responsible.

Planning the haul!

When you’re browsing page upon page of product to buy it can be incredibly tempting to buy the cutest packing, or all the items on the most recent “TOP TEN SKINCARE ITEMS YOU NEED NOW” listacle of the week. While those places might be great ways to get ideas, I wouldn’t suggest buying things just because they made number 8 on cutest hand creams.

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“What do you need” “all of this”

What you should do is sit down in front of a mirror and ask your skin what it needs. Are you battle breakouts? Is your skin dry and flaking? Oily? Maybe you just look dull from lack of sleep? You will have an easier time once you identify the issues that need to be address.

My personal issues tend to be dryness and dull skin. The area around my chin and the sides of my face tend to get incredibly dry, even in the summer, to the point that my skin will start flaking in the middle of the day.

Once I find some products that promise to fix my issues, I do even more research. Google is your friend, use it to find reviews on products you’re interested in. Try to find people who may have the same skin as you, and see what they think. I can usually form a good opinion after reading a few blog post and a handful of comment reviews. If you REALLY want to get into it, start learning ingredients and what they do. I took the time to learn my favorite ingredients and talk about it here. After all that filtering, you should feel pretty confident about the products that you pick out.

The real excitement isn’t until you see those magical words.

“Your package has been delivered.”

If you bought a handful of things, just remember to introduce them slowly into your routine. If your skin happens to not agree with any of the products you purchased, it’s going to be hard to identify which one of them is causing the reaction if you jumped into using them all at once.


my bbys

Sheet mask hauls are a whole other beast that is fueled by curiosity and impulse, since there are SO MANY CHOICES when it comes to sheet masks. I just wait for a sale and buy a ton of the masks that I know I love, plus throw in a handful that either look cool or sound good. It’s kind of an anything goes type of deal, and as long as I can nab them during a 25% off special I’m content.




While hauls are satisfying, I don’t think it’s something that should be done constantly. It requires money and it’s very easy to start buying things you don’t really need. Especially if you’re putting it on a credit card, just remember that your $400 purchase will incur interest and that stress later down the road will give you wrinkles. So be responsible, but be happy and healthy!


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