Asian Beauty at Target: Laneige Good Night Kit

Korean skin care has been making a buzz, but the big question tends to be “where do I buy this stuff??” A few companies have taken steps to put themselves in the American market, with a handful of brands available at Sephora and Ulta (albeit at random markups), and brands like Laneige and Mizon at Target.

During one of my typical “buy everything” days at Target, I wandered into the skin care aisle and picked up the Good Night Kit from Laneige. This kit includes the Multiberry Repairing Mask and the Water Sleeping Mask. Laneige is a popular mid-range Korean skin care brand that is owned by skin care giant, Amore Pacific. Laneige focuses on hydration, so it’s good for people with dry or dehydrated skin.

The Good Night Kit goes for $5 for two deluxe samples.You don’t need to use a lot of product, or use them every night, so they last a while. Individual full size of the sleeping mask and repairing mask run for $24 and $25, respectively.

The Kit

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I might of bought three kits cause the fourth was free….

If you aren’t familiar with sleeping masks, they are occlusive products that seal existing moisture to the skin. They’re applied at the end of your routine, over your nighttime moisturizer, and washed off in the morning. They’re great for people with dry skin who want to avoid relying on heavy creams and instead want to take an approach that uses multiple layers of lighter hydration. People who are more on the oily side probably wouldn’t finding themselves needing these types of products.

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The Laneige Water Sleeping Mask has a gel-cream texture that is very light and easy to spread, making a little go a long way. I like to put a thin layer over my face and build it up around my drier spots. The mask dries down to a somewhat shiny finish, which isn’t really an issue considering its an overnight product. There is a slight tacky feeling to this product, but I only really notice it the morning after as I’m washing the mask off.

Processed with VSCO with c3 presetBecause my skin is so dry in certain areas, this is a must in the winter for me. I get dehydrated when I sleep, so when I wake up I tend to have flaky patches of skin. This product helps my skin to retain moisture through the night so that I don’t look like a scaley mess in the morning.

For those who have an aversion to scented product, this does have a faint smell to it. The scent dissipates quickly once applied to skin. Most Laneige products include fragrance in their ingredient list, so sensitive types might be a little put off.


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The second product included is the Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Mask. It claims to be a “ultra nourishing treatment that enriches and protects.” Unlike the sleeping mask, this is a wash off mask and I like to use it at the beginning of my night time routine, right after cleansing. It is scented as well, but I  love the scent because it smells like strawberry shortcake.

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This mask is super creamy and feels absolutely lovely. I like to wash my face, use a towel to pat off excess water and use the cream’s slippery texture to give myself a short face massage. It’s recommend to leave the mask on for 5 – 10 minutes, but I always leave it on for a little longer.

After washing off the mask my skin is hydrated, calm, and soft without feeling greasy or leaving any residue. I like using this mask when my skin is feeling a little rough or when it needs a kick of moisture. My favorite thing to do is to use a clay mask and then use this after to help restore moisture that the clay mask removed.

As far as other Asian brands available at Target, I’ve seen a variety of Mizon products (at a very high markup) and a lot of Asian inspired sheet mask made by a handful American companies. Laneige must of struck a deal with Target because their prices are the same in store as they would be if you bought them in Korea. If you wanted to try more of Laneige’s products, they also sell an entire routine trial kit that includes 6 deluxe samples for under $30. It’s always nice when Asian beauty is easy to buy 😀


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