Body care! The Other Skin

Only taking care of your face leaves you neglecting a large portion of your skin. Your skin is the largest organ your body has, you need to take care of all of it! Nothing feels better than pampering yourself body after a long week so that my face, and my body, feel fresh.

When it comes to body care I think of three goals.

  • Exfoliate to remove dead skin so that my skin looks and feels smooth.
  • Lotion and creams to seal in moisture
  • Oils to give my skin an intense conditioning


“beaty is pain”

I have a pretty intense history with body exfoliation.When I was little my mom would use Italy towels on me to scrub off the dead skin. If you’re not familiar with Italy towels, they usually come in the form of green square mitts made of a rough material that was sourced out of Italy (hence their name.) A rub down from one these will remove tons of dead skin and leave your feeling sooooo soft. They are also a bit rough, which is why I don’t really use them. For people with a low pain threshold it can be… a painful experience. It’s kind of an acquired feeling.




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Exfoliating and nourishing 

For a gentle exfoliation effect, I use a sugar scrub with coconut oil from Eminence. The Eminence Coconut Sugar Scrub is a great way to end my shower, it has large sugar particles that melt as you work the product into your body. When the sugar particles melt down I like to give myself a quick massage, then I leave the mix on my skin for a minute before washing it off. This scrub leaves my skin feeling fresh, nourished and glowing.

Lotions and creams! During the summer I tend to forget about lotions, but once winter hits I’m slathering on everything I can to keep my skin from becoming dry and cracked.

The lightest weight moisturizer I use is the Tony Moly Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel. Gels are great for the summer because they dry quickly and are super light. Most gels are formulated with alcohol because it helps the gel to dry on the skin, instead of just being a wet glop. Anyone on a “no alcohol” kick should probably stay away from gel products. However, I haven’t found this gel to cause any irritation on the thicker skin of my body.  Snail is a great moisture binding ingredient that helps to make skin feel smooth. I already use snail on my face, so I love that there is a body product with it as it’s main ingredient.

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My rosemary mint lotion from Aveda is great because it’s a light lotion that’s refreshing and energizing. It has a pretty light scent, much less than most other Aveda products. This is usually my go to lotion during the summer because it doesn’t sit heavy on the skin and absorbs well.

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The big guns

For body creams I use the Aveda’s Stress Fix Body Cream. It’s heavily scented with lavender and sage for an aromatherapy relaxing effect. I love the smell, but if you’re not a scent person then stay far away cause it’s strong. Sensitive skin might also have an issue with fragrance. For me, this stuff is amazing. It’s like a body butter, perfect for when your skin needs some quenching. The cream is  thick, spreads nicely, and is perfect for locking in moisture after a shower. This is my go-to during the winter to prevent my skin from getting dry and flakey.

Note: don’t put this on your face. The combination of how thick this cream is and how scented it is spells -bad- for thin and delicate face skin.

Oils! I have three types of oils from Aveda. The Stress Fix oil, Pureformance and Beautifying oil. The Stress Fix and Composition oil are my two “mood” oils. The Stress Fix has a relaxing scent that I use to unwind and the Pureformance is invigorating and woodsy. But the star of these three is the beautifying oil.

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The Beautifying oil can be used as a makeup removing oil, however I like oil cleansers that are formulated to emulsify with water. When I want my skin to glow and feel soft, I spread this oil on my arms, shoulders and chest. It sinks into my skin and feels absolutely amazing. My skin is left looking perfect, feeling baby soft and it’s so relaxing to use the oil to giving my muscles a nice little massage. I love myself a little self care at the end of the day.

One last hack! I recently discovered I can use my CosRX snail serum to calm down my elbows. They can get dry, as elbows tend to do, and I have a bad habit of scratching them uncontrollably. It gets pretty gnarly, dry, red, and irritated. A little trusted snail serum on my sad elbows and after two days of use it calms everything down; leaving them baby soft. Absolutely. Love.

Show your body some love!


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