My Favorite Sheet Mask On Half My Face

I’ll hear people talk about sheet mask as if they’re some kind of miracle product skin. Amazing? Yes. Miracle workers? No. Think more a relaxing leave on treatment similar to clay mask. They’re cool slabs of cotton that I lay down or watch videos in while I’m decompressing. They’re also a great way to immerse your face in hydration and give a boost of serum to keep your skin radiant and supple.  To show you the effects a sheet mask can have on your face, I cut one in half and used it on one side of my face!

My absolutely favorite sheet masks are made by Tosowoong. These mask contain niacinamide, which is great at repairing the skin barrier, retaining moisture and dealing with hyper pigmentation. Constant use of these mask will leave your skin singing. The formula also contain no alcohol, which is absolutely wonderful.

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My precioussss

In this post I’ll be using a (half of) Tosowoong’s Pure Propolis mask. My second favorite mask from Tosowoong is the Pure Deep Sea mask, which I mentioned briefly in my Keeping Tired Skin Glowing post. Tosowoong mask smell wonderful and always have a ton of extra serum in the package. I like to smear the excess all over my face, neck, shoulders and chest before I put the mask on. I always get comments on how soft my hands and arms are, which I attribute to them constantly being slathered in serum~

For the sake of the “only half my face” post, I didn’t cover my entire face with the extra serum, I only put it on from neck down. I slapped on my little half mask and waited about 30 minutes before I took it off.


Giving Phantom of the Opera vibes

During those 30 minutes I:

  • Attempted to watch another episode from the second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, didn’t make it though, it was meh
  • Made tea
  • Cleaned my desk off
  • Put the other half of the mask in the fridge because there was no way I was going to waste a perfectly good half a sheet mask.


The biggest issues I deal with are my big ole pores. They become prominent towards the center of my face, which are only highlighted by redness I tend to have around my nose. I also have a little bit of creasing from smiling around my mouth, but that’s something only I notice when I’m staring into the depths of my face.

I’m terrified to do this, because a face close up is way too personal for comfort, but here is a side by side comparison.


Left, without sheet mask : Right, with sheet mask.

My skin is much more hydrated and plump, making the appearance of my pores less obvious. The redness towards the center of my face is also calmed down, leaving me with a more even skin tone. And of course there is a glow to the side of my face that was masked, giving me a more radiant complexion. I was actively breaking out on both sides of my face so that kind of messes up how things look, but on the bright and hydrated side breakouts were less noticeable.


left side without, right side with sheet mask

For me, this is the standard of what I expect from a cheap sheet mask. The best part is each of these sheet mask are only $2! I’ve tried sheet mask that are three times more expensive and were nothing more than “meh.” Sheet mask effects are temporary, but constant use can really pack a punch to your skin care routine. If you want to give these sheet mask a try you can find them pretty easily on most online Asian beauty retailers. I’ll provide a list bellow to a few stores that sell the propolis mask. Happy masking!


RoseRoseShop: Tosowoong Pure Propolis Box of 10 and Box of 100 😛

Amazon: Tosowoong Pure Propolis, Box of 10 

Wishtrend: Tosowoong Pure Propolis, Box of 7

Memebox: Tosowoong Pure Propolis Sheet Mask

Peach and Lily: Tosowoong Pure Propolis Sheet Mask





One thought on “My Favorite Sheet Mask On Half My Face

  1. A River Lily says:

    Hi, skin twin! Totally agree. Many Tosowoong masks are just wonderful for the price.
    (Unsolicited advice alert: May I suggest taking a before and after photo instead of using only half of the mask? If you take a picture in the same room/lighting, it should still be easy to see the difference. It’s definitely still noticeable either way, though!)


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