Sephora Pomegranate Sheet Mask Review

Sheet mask are probably the most recognizable Asian beauty product there is thanks to the plethora of sheet mask selfies on social media. Sheet mask are some of the first of Asian beauty to be sold at the big makeup and skincare stores, Sephora even has their own line! Sephora’s sheet mask collection comes in eight varieties, each serving a different function. I got my hands on their pomegranate sheet mask, which is full of antioxidants that help to refresh the skin and fight off any free radicals.

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The packaging is cute, with an envelope type wrapping that holds the actual packet with the mask in it. If you couldn’t tell from my about me picture, I love sheet mask. They’re a nice relaxing moment and help immerse skin in all sorts of nutrients. I was rather excited to get my hands on this mask in particular because antioxidant rich masks are a treat in the summer because of the constant assault of the sun beating down and the smog from the city.

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I’m use to there being a lot of excess serum that I can slather onto my face and neck before applying the mask, this was not the case with this time around. Slightly disappointing. The mask itself was nicely saturated though, so I went ahead and slapped that thing on.

I noticed that this mask is kind of huge. I have a rather long face, not particularly wide, so I had a good bit of excess fabric on the side. Better more than not enough I guess. The fabric was super cute because it had the little sephora logo embossed on it.


like little Sephora tadpoles

The mask itself was incredibly thick. Some people like thicker mask, but I personally am not a fan. To me, thicker sheet mask feel very cumbersome and you can really FEEL it sitting on your face. Meanwhile, thinner mask are good about clinging to the face and hugging every curve while not feeling heavy. Heavier mask also tend to slide down your face because gravity is a thing.


My selfie cam is broken :(((

After some fidgeting and adjusting I was able to get the mask pretty flush to my face. The wait time, usually about 15-20 minute, is standard. I always leave mine on a little longer ,though, out of habit. While I was wearing it I noticed it smelled like a real pomegranate, which was refreshing, but then there was also this slightly unpleasant smell to it at the same time which I couldn’t place. More nature smells, like dirt, I guess.

After taking the mask off my skin was hydrated, brighter and looked calm. I had a lot of outdoor time that day, so this mask was a nice little refresher to my skin after being subjected to the sun.


While the sheet mask did its basic functions of hydrating and relaxing my skin with a little side action of brightening, it did not blow me out of the water. When compared to my favorite sheet masks from Tosowoong, it wasn’t anything special. Especially since the Sephora mask was $6 and my faves are only $2 each. Did it do it’s job? Yes. Was it worth the price? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

My Rating? 6/10


  • Provided hydration
  • Brightening slightly


  • Smell was good and bad at the same time
  • Super thick layer of fabric (more a personal thing)
  • Cost in comparison to other, better, mask


– Genie


5 thoughts on “Sephora Pomegranate Sheet Mask Review

  1. jimmyinpa says:

    Just out of curiosity, I’ve tried Sephora sheet masks, both for face and for eyes. They have a nice selection and I must admit to having rather enjoyed the Orchid eye mask.

    That said, the price point is just way too high for what you get when compared with most Korean, Taiwanese, or Japanese sheet masks. There’s nothing special about any of the ones I’ve tried, and @ $6 per for face and $5 for eyes, I expect something spectacular – or at least way above average.

    Of course, it is good to know that Sephora has sheet masks “just in case”, and that they are trying – albeit expensively – to make Asian beauty products and concepts more popular.

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  2. GenieGene says:

    Completely agree! They’re very pricy, but the good thing is that they have a lot of other options as well. They carry Tony Moly, which arent the best but I feel like they’re on par with the Sephora mask at half the price. But I completely agree with you, for the price the quality was meh

    Liked by 1 person

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