Shady Skin Care Blogging

Guys! I was so excited this week because a company -that shall not be named- contacted me. My first thought was “omg this is so cool! My work is getting recognized! I’m like, relevant!” When I came up with this blog I started it with the mentality that I wanted it to be an educational diary of sorts, so that everyone can see what I’m doing and why, especially my friends! I don’t want to become some walking billboard for free advertising and paid articles. My excitement died down when I realized that this is what the company contacting me wanted.

I thought this was worth writing about because I value transparency, and I’ve already had a few people ask if I’ve been paid to talk about certain things. Even though I think it would be pretty obvious if I was pushing an item, I still want to be completely honest on here. I review things because I enjoy them (or reallyyyy dislike them) and I like finding new products that work. If I do have affiliate links, or have been sent things, I will always disclose this information whenever it applies. Right now, though, I’m just sharing my excessive addiction to skin care products.

Anyways, back to this -company that shall not be named- that wanted me to do work for them. At first the approach was very “you’re going to help us reveal news blah blah blah” and I was like “oh, I used this company before! This could be fun.” Ehhhhh.

Then the terms and conditions on what I needed to do and what to include in my post started coming out. Ehhhhhh. They started giving me lines of material that needed to be including along with images to use, it ended up looking like a really bad press release. It reminded me of the time when I was an intern and would have to write some random raving article about one of our sponsors. It was not organic at all and it really turned me off.

To me, half of the fun in skin care is spending hours in front of my computer researching products and debating between the five different toners in my cart. Then repeat the process for my 10 different serums in my cart fighting for space. To be given what to say, what to do, what to use? How dreadfully boring.



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