Remember Pulse. Remember the LGBT Story.

49 Dead. 53 Injured. The most fatal mass shooting in American history. June 12th, 2016.

2 a.m., Saturday morning in Orlando, Florida. the LGBT community lost their sense of safety in one of the few safe havens that exist. Omar Mateen stormed into the gay night club, Pulse, with an assault rifle and handgun. He slaughtered the people attending Latin night one by one. By the time Omar was taken down, America had a new record of deaths to add to their already lengthy list of mass shootings.

LGBT people are not unfamiliar with feeling unsafe. Gay bars and clubs are one of the few places where they could be themselves and not worry about being attacked simply for holding the hand of someone of the same sex. Behind those doors they were able to get away from a society that deemed them unworthy of compassion, unworthy of being part of the “land of the free.”

Those doors were kicked down at Stonewall.

Those doors were burned down at the Upstairs Lounge.

Those doors were gunned down at Pulse.

As we are recovering from this tragedy we are watching people try to erase the fact that this was a direct attack on LGBT people. A group of people attacked over and over, both politically and physically, are being ignored. Conservative politicians are giving us prayers and thoughts, while passing laws to take away our rights and dignity.

Take care of yourself. Remind yourself that you are strong, and be the voice that says we will not be ignored. We will not be used as political fodder for anti-muslim rhetoric. We will not be pushed back into the closet. We will continue to love.

I know this has nothing to do with skin care, but I believe that self care is the biggest thing that anyone can do for themselves. No serum can make a person radiate from the inside out like confidence can. Don’t be afraid. Be proud.



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