My (Early)Birthday Haul!

For my birthday I decided to treat myself with a skincare haul! Granted, at the time of writing this post my birthday is still three weeks away, but I thought that it made sense to get everything ahead of time so that my skin would be in tip-top shape for my birthday!

I basically bought a whole routine worth of product, while incorporating new skincare ingredients such as ceramides and niacinamides. I also looked for products that didn’t include alcohol and fragrance, or at least had them incredibly low on the list. Both of these are irritants to the skin and don’t offer any benefit.

I won’t go too in detail about the workings of an Asian beauty routine, but you can read more about what the typical routine entails here

Now for the haul!

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Botanic Farm Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet

This is a solid cleansing oil that breaks up makeup and sunblock. Oil cleansers usually come in two forms, solid or liquid. I prefer the solid form because it’s less messy, no product drips down my arm or through my fingers. I take a small chunk of the solid oil and rub it on my dry face, which turns it into liquid. It’s super gentle and I can see it work as my BB cream and sunblock get wiped away. After being massaged into my skin, I add a little water to emulsify and wash off the oil.

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Low pH Good Morning Cleanser

If you use an oil cleanser, you have to use a foam cleanser to wash off the oil and the junk that the oil cleanser has collected. I chose this cleanser because it has a pH of 5.5. A slightly acidic pH matches the natural pH of your skin and doesn’t strip your acid mantle. The acid mantle is responsible for retaining moisture and keeping bad bacteria at bay.

My sister has this one and I’ve been wanting to try it since the last foam cleanser I tried utterly destroyed my skin and made it drier than a three day old pizza crust. It has a slightly medicinal smell, but that doesn’t bother me too much since I think of it as face medicine.

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Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Cleansing Toner

I was very intrigued by the use of licorice, which is known for its brightening, cleansing and anti inflammatory properties. Acwell is a line that is formulated for troublesome/acne prone skin, so I felt like it was good all around product. I also wanted a night time toner that was more nourishing, since my current toner is aimed towards oil control and that’s not a concern at night time.

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Benton Honest TT Mist

The one thing I do not have in my collection is tea tree, so I thought I’d get this! I’m planning on using it almost as an essence, after toner and before lotion. The spray is very misty (for lack of better words), which is good because I saw some complaints that the pump can be more of a squirt. It’s refreshing and I’ve used it when I go to the pool so I can moisturize my face after I’ve been in the slightly drying salt water or chlorine.

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Ariul Berry Bital Daily Serum

Jesus, this bottle is huge and beautiful. The gradient dark purple to light pink? Love. I half bought this just cause it’s so pretty! It’s  anti-oxidant heavy, which was one thing I was lacking in my routine. It comes out as a watery cream that spreads into a serum consistency.

One itty-bitty pump covers my face. I has the slight smell of a tart berry and is wonderful. Anti-oxidants in this formula not only help to prevent damage from free radicals (collagen oxidation can result in the loss of elasticity) but also provides whitening and anti-aging effects. Did I mention this looks great on your counter?

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Shara Shara Aqua Bomb All In One Ampoule

I usually don’t buy into all in one products but this ingredient list was too good to pass up. Their claim as an all-in-one aren’t too outlandish – it claims to be a toner, serum and moisturizer. To be a toner it just needs a balanced pH, which isn’t too hard, and the serum and moisturizer step can be covered by its thick formula and moisture rich ingredient list. This bottle is huge, at 250ml, so I can use it for anything and everything.

It should honestly be renamed Botanical Bomb, because it is LOADED with botanical extracts. It’s also my first product with niacinamide, being the third ingredient, so that’s nifty. Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, is a skincare ingredient that promotes a healthy skin barrier, improves elasticity, eases discoloration and refines skin’s texture. Everyone should have a product with niacinamide.

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Scinic Honey All In One Ampoule

This is very similar to the Aqua Bomb in that it’s a concentrated multi use serum and comes in a massive bottle.. It has a sexy ingredient list that includes honey, niacinamide, royal jelly extract and propolis extract as the first few ingredients! I couldn’t say no to that. I’ve already raved about my love for propolis, and this love extends to all bee products. Honey, royal jelly and propolis all give skin a “glow” and provides anti-bacterial benefits. This combined with niacinamide makes a potent serum that can help restore skin and make it radiant.

I got sunburn on my shoulders and chest the day I got this, so I spread it all over my red spots before I went to bed. It did dry with a slight film, which I washed off in my morning shower. When I got home from work my skin was no longer red and I didn’t have any itching all day. So that’s a plus!

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CosRX Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream

More honey products you say? This stuff is thick, like a gel cream, and heavy.  I use creams at night to seal in moisture while I sleep because I tend to dry out overnight. This product also contains ceramides, which are lipids that strengthen your skin barrier and aid in moisture retention. If you haven’t picked up, these products are all aim towards barrier repair and maintenance. Gotta keep that skin healthy!

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Tosowoong Pure Propolis Sheet Mask ❤

I think I’ve raved about these before, but these are face crack. Sheet mask in general are wonderful, but Tosowoong’s mask are A+++++

By now you know I love propolis and these are no exception. For one they smell wonderful without being overpowering. The sheet mask are drenched in essence and can be left on your face for 40 minutes before giving any sign of drying. After removing the mask, my skin is calm, inflammation is tamed and I’m glowing!

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Innisfree Eco Safety Perfect Sunblock SPF 50

Sunblock is such a hard category to find a good product for. Some break you out and plenty just makes you feel absolutely disgusting from their thick formula. There is a lot of hype and love surrounding this sunblock, so I decided to give this a try. It’s a physical sunblock (I talk about the differences in sunblock formulations here) that actually glides on pretty smooth. It has no smell and no white cash, which is pretty impressive for an SPF of 50. So far, I’m into this one.

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Noonie Seed Essence Toner, and Sprout Smoothing Toner

I got these two on a whim. They are travel sized toners that were $2 each, so I figured “why not!” The Seed Essence Toner is more of a gel that is for hydrating skin. Meanwhile, the Sprout Smoothing Toner is more liquid texture that has AHA/BHA chemical exfoliants to help smooth out skin texture while also cleaning out pores.


And that’s my haul! I got everything from, just because they have the fastest shipping and I have the least amount of patience (I am in no way endorsed by them). I’ll be doing actual detailed reviews as I try these out for a longer period of time, but as of right now I love all of them and the extra variety it adds into my routine. Hopefully I’ll be glowing for my actual birthday~


– GenieGene




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