Busy Busy Busy! Keeping Tired Skin Glowing

These past few weeks have been so crazy! I’ve been working between my two jobs more than usual, I had finals and on top of all that I was helping my mom move back to the states. It’s been exhausting, to say the least. The last thing I want to do at the end of a long day after staring at my computer screen and writing away, is embark on my face regiment at one in the morning – but I’m a trooper.

No doubt most of my nights during this hectic schedule didn’t include my prefered 8 hours of sleep, so if I couldn’t be rested mentally I wanted to make sure that at least my face didn’t show it. Especially with a handful of presentations and speeches to give, I was not about to be in front of people with a dull and tired looking face. So here are a few of my combinations and products that I reached for to recharge my face to keep it bright and radiant!

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This smells so goodddddddd

My first go to is the Laneige multiberry restoration mask, which smells like absolute heaven. It has the lightest scent that makes me think of delicious yogurt. It is super smooth and it melts into the face, so I love to give myself a little massage with it. I’ll put it on and continue on with my work until it’s dry, so about 5-10 minutes. After I rinse it off my skin not only feels plump and well moisturized, but also relaxed.

This one is great because you can buy a sample pack of this plus the laneige sleeping pack, an overnight mask, for only $5 at target. A little goes a long way with both of them, so it’s a perfect sample pack to dip your toes in without making a huge investment.

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Under the seaaaaa

My other mask that I love to use is the tosowoong deep sea mask. I’ve become a fan of aquatic ingredients, deep seawater and seaweed leaves my face feeling clean and glowing. This sheet mask is my go to if I am going to an event, going out, or just looking particularly worn down. After leaving it on for 30ish minutes, I peel if off and I hear the skin angels sing. My skin is bright, glowing and left looking photo ready. Once again, another perfect mask to leave on while you’re working.

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The all mighty duo

This last sleepy face remedy is a morning routine, using a BB cream and propolis ampoule mix. I have a TonyMoly bb cream that is usually pretty matte with light coverage, but then I put a drop of my propolis ampoule and it becomes a sheer cream. This combo gives me a glow all day while also controlling my oil so I don’t look like a shiny mess when I come home at night.I’ve written about my love for the Tosowoong Sparkle Propolis Ampoule already, and since it comes in such a large bottle I love mixing it with my BB cream whenever I need a boost. If you have a BB cream that is already dewy, this might be a little intense.


And that’s how I do my best to cover up the fact that I only got four hours of sleep!
I’ll be posting about my western skin care products next! For all my friends who might not want to venture outside of the states to buy their products, there are some goodies that I’m a huge fan of! Till then ~




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