Innisfree Balancing Skin and Lotion Review

Having combination skin that is both extremely oily and extremely dry can be exhausting because you’re always trying to find products that caters to both sides. The other day I had a super shiny forehead but the skin on my chin was so dry that it was flaking and I kept picking at it. It’s not a good look or an easy problem to fix. Lotions would either not do enough for my face and I’d still be dry, or do too much and my oily spots would become grease traps.

That’s what brought me to check out the Innisfree’s Green Tea Balancing Skin and lotion, which are specifically formulated for combination skin.  The Balancing Skin is a moisturizing toner, while the Balancing Lotion is incredibly lightweight.

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The skin/toner comes in a 250ml bottle, lotion in 200ml

I’ve noticed that other men I talk who are into K-beauty tend to like the Innisfree line. Maybe it’s because the scent is pleasant but not “girly?” Maybe it’s because it’s a good moisturizer but not the best to layer under makeup? Maybe it’s because Innisfree has the most manly sheet mask ever? No idea, but just a pattern I’ve noticed.




Balancing Skin

The Balancing Skin is the toner of the balancing line, providing moisture while prepping your face for the rest of your routine.

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If your skin is sensitive, or you are concerned about possible irritants in a product I would suggest using the COSDNA database. It’s a great tool to make sense of an ingredient list and to check out which ingredients are possible acne or irritation triggers. This product is super scented, so if you are sensitive to scents it can be over powering.

CosDNA: Innisfree’s Skin ingredient list is green all around, making it great for sensitive skin as well. The only possible concern would be the fragrance. Innisfree’s goal for all products is to compose their products with at least 70% natural ingredients, which is a pretty impressive feat for a reasonably priced mid-low end brand.

Word on ingredients:

A general rule of thumb is that the first five ingredients have the most impact, so if you are looking for your star ingredient make sure its high up on the list. On the other side of that, if you are concerned about an ingredient that is flagged but is on the very end of the list they are usually preservatives that are present in such small concentrations that they’re usually not of a concern for most except super sensitive or allergic types. 

My favorite part about this toner is the texture because it’s a runny gel. I always feel like I waste product when  I use toners that are water-like because either my cotton pad absorbs it all or it slips right through my hands. With this toner, I can put a drop or two in my palms and spread it onto my face and not worry about any waste!


Slightly milky, slightly runny, easily spreadable

When applied to my face after cleansing, it’s very cooling and I don’t feel like I have to rush to put on my next product because it’s decently hydrating on it’s own. Cant stress again how much I prefer this almost gel like texture, it’s just so convenient.

Now to go into the lotion step of the line, because I don’t think it’s fair to judge the effectiveness without using both. It’s like judging a cookie before it’s baked… Or something like that.

Balancing Lotion

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The lotion has the same strong scent as the toner. Both are composed of 87% green tea extract, so the scent is very much like getting slapped in the face with a tea bag. This lotion is loaded with antioxidants thanks to the green tea and is recommended for combination skin.

Once again the ingredient list is impressive, getting the all clear green light in the categories of possible irritation, acne and toxic chemicals.

The lotion is super thin and a bit runny, making it super easy to spread. I was accoustomed to applying large amounts of thick lotions to cover my face, so I used WAY too much my first few times and it left me with a slightly sticky texture. I found that you only need one, maybe two, little pea size drops to cover your entire face – it spreads so well!


There is no good way to photograph lotion

Because it’s so lightweight, I found myself not having issues with my oily spots while my dry spots were taken care of. As the day went on I noticed that my overall shiny factor was lower than usual. I wouldn’t say it’s a cure all for shiny skin, but it’s a great start. When layered under a sunscreen with a physical sunblock (titanium oxide, zinc oxide), I stay matte almost all day!

Overall, these two products worked in tandem to provide my skin with lightweight hydration that didn’t leave me greasy or shiny. Definitely a good product for oily skin or combination skin that struggle to find a balance. Both of these products come in pretty big bottles (200ml lotion, 250ml skin) that will last for a long time because of how little product you need to use per application.

  • Super lightweight, but quenching
  • You don’t need to use a lot of product, at all
  • Big bottles
  • Helped to keep oil production down


  • Smell could be overpowering for some
  • Too lightweight for winter seasons


My Rating: 8/10




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