Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle Ampoule Review

I have a confession; I love bees. I’ll still run away screaming if one gets too close but once I’m far enough away I’ll whisper a quiet “thank you” because bees have blessed us with propolis, royal jelly and honey, for which I am forever grateful. Tosowoong’s ampoule is 80% propolis, with no artificial colors or preservatives, making it ideal for all skin types.

That being said, this is a bee product. If you’re allergic to pollen or bees I would suggest you patch test on skin other than your face

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My precious

Like I mentioned in my Korean skin care quick start guide, ampoules are powerhouse serums with high concentrations of their star ingredients. Think of an ampoule as a booster. Propolis quickly made it’s way to one of my favorite skin care ingredients because it’s an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. That’s not even the best of it, the best part is the ~glow~

The moment I saw that this ampoule had a high propolis concentration, I snagged it right up. My skin can look a little dull at times so I figured this would be perfect to give me that extra boost to my lackluster skin days.

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You can drop it in your palms and rub it on, or apply directly to face

I love this bottle, it’s a thick frosted glass bottle with a dropper applicator that’s absolute Instagram fodder. It’s also massive, clocking in at 100ml of product for only $24 USD on their website. Tosowoong is known for having a great quality to price ration and for not having the prettiest packaging; this product has the best of both worlds.

The ampoule itself is viscous but on the runny side, leaving it easy to spread and quick to absorb. The product tends to leave me “wet” looking but seeps in seamlessly within a few minutes.

Hands are so weird looking

What I call the “propolis glow” comes from the nutrients it contains that leaves your face radiant, giving you a glowing-from-within look. Royal jelly and honey also have similar effects, making them my holy trifecta. This ampoule definitely gives me a glow, and I love it! I like to use it at night so I look refreshed and well rested when I wake up. Sometimes I mix a very small amount (about a drop) with my lotion or BB cream and it gives me a glowy look without being too dewy.

The second best thing about this ampoule is that it provides moisture without being greasy. Because of my combination skin, I can easily tip into shiny grease slick territory with the wrong product. Other benefits from this ampoule include calming down red spots and fighting off acne. Isn’t propolis just wonderful~


Even the bottle glows

I won’t be done with this bottle anytime soon because of how big it is, but you can bet I’m reordering the minute I’m low.


  • Gives a great glowing effect, skin looks radiant
  • Helps to fight trouble skin
  • Brings down inflammation
  • Weightless moisture


  • Possibly reaction if allergic to pollen or bees

My rating: 9/10

– GenieGene



5 thoughts on “Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle Ampoule Review

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  2. jimmyinpa says:

    I agree that the Tosowoong is one of the best Propolis ampoules out there, and even better considering how much you get for the price!

    I’ve tried a few others but this is the only one that consistently provides me with a KB glow.

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