Sheet Mask

Even if you know nothing about Korean skincare, there’s a pretty big chance that you’re somewhat aware of what a sheet mask is. Sheet masks are cotton masks soaked in essence that have become popular among celebrities and Instagram selfies because they look like you’re wearing lunch meat. There are also some masks that are made with hydrogel, sometimes called “second skin,” which are scary looking in a completely different way.


Such beauty

Sheet mask are a korean skin care staple that many people swear by. Their hydration power is a great pick-me-up if your skin for dry skin or skin that needs a little extra -something- before an event. Because the mask is in constant contact with your face, the essence doesn’t dry out and your skin is immersed in all that goodness.

I fell in love with sheet masks the instant I used my first one. I typically have very dry skin in the winter, especially around my mouth and cheeks. In the mornings sometimes I have flaky patches around my mouth, which only looked worse I tried to put any BB cream or sunscreen over it. No matter what cream I used, I would always wake up tight faced and patchy. then came the sheet mask. The amount of moisture it gave my skin was life changing, with the added bonus of being able to sooth acne or give me a little glow! The hydration from a sheet mask feels is amazing, and sealing it in with a nice cream feels so satisfying.

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My sheet mask are slowly taking over my stash bucket

While the primary effect of a sheet mask is to moisturize, they usually include other ingredients to provide secondary effects This is where I have the most fun with sheet mask, because there’s an endless variety with literally hundreds of different types of serums. Is my skin looking a little dull? Deep sea water mask! Inflamed with break outs? Time to open up a tea tree mask. Need some extra deep hydration for a cold winter day? Propolis and honey mask to the rescue! Mask are an inexpensive and fun way to change things up in your routine. While not all mask are created equal, neither is all skin. The mantra that I can’t stress enough is “YMMV” (your mileage may vary.)

That all being said, sheet mask are -not- a replacement for your entire routine but simply another step. While you surely can only use a face mask after cleansing and call it a day, they’re not made to be miracle workers. Think of them as complementary to your routine. I also tend to use my sheet mask at night, although if I have a lot of time before I go out for drinks or dinner with friends I’ll sheet mask a few hours beforehand.

Where To Buy Sheet Mask

Everywhere! Sheet mask have been slowly making their way into the US market over the past few years. Ulta and Sephora carry a variety of mask, albeit at a nice little mark up, that range from typical cotton mask to your higher end hydrogel mask. Target and Walmart are even getting in on the action. People are even finding mask at Marshalls and TJ Maxx! What a time to be alive~

If you don’t have access to these stores, there’s always online shopping. Literally all K-beauty sites will have a massive selection of sheet mask to choose from. Amazon is also another option, with tons bundles of sheet mask available on Prime for great prices.

Since I use so many different types, it can be hard to remember which ones were great and which ones were meh. I keep mini-reviews of each mask I use, you can find my review spreadsheet here or under the quick review tab.

So what are you waiting for? Get to sheeting!

– Genie


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